QKunst was formed in 2004 by art historian Véronique Baar. She brings together a team of independent professionals. Together we make it our mission to make room for art in your organisation or in public space. We work independently, on project- or secondment-basis and always offer tailored advice and work.


The core of our team consists of art professionals experienced in collection management and/or commissioned art. We also house expertise concerning building, strategic and financial issues, communication and photography. We work together with professional art movers, art handlers, restorers, frame-makers, appraisers and auction houses.

Véronique Baar

Véronique is an art historian and the founder of QKunst. She is involved in and bears overall responsibility for all projects. In addition, Véronique is member of the art committee of the K.F. Hein Fund.

Jet Vermaning

Jet is an art historian and is responsible for collection management and policy.

Mijke Rummens

Mijke coordinates the arrangement of temporary and permanent exhibitions and is responsable for the stocktaking of art collections.

Melody Toering

Melody assists in the stocktaking of art collections as well as with temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Maartje de Roy van Zuydewijn

Maartje is an art consultant. She makes inventories and supports QKunst with digital collection management.

Jackelien Top

Jackelien is an art historian and works on collection management.

Ghislaine van Drunen

Ghislaine manages the QKunst website and social media accounts and is the designated editor for various publications.

Krista van der Bron

Krista is an art historian. She assists QKunst in several inventory projects.

Ella Derksen

Ella is an advisor on commissioned art and public space and is involved in the ‘Art for the North-South Line’ project.

Stefan van Weelden

Stefan is involved in the 'Art for the North-South Line' project as a building advisor.

Nanda Janssen

Nanda is an independant curator and writer working from Paris. She provides artistic support in the project ‘Art for the North-South Line’.

Steven de Haas

Steven is involved in strategic questions in complex building projects on a project basis.

Krista Jacobsen Jensen

Krista provides QKunst with legal and policy advice and is involved in concept development and relation management.

Maarten Brouwers

Maarten is a software developer and designer. He developed the QKunst Collection Management application, manages it and offers technical support.