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Space for art

… in the depot


‘It may not be the most exciting space, but it’s a nice in-between space to mark time and make the art presentable to the public again,’ QKunst registrar Daphne van Houwelingen says of the depot’s role in making space for art. This video is an introduction to the projects and to the community of QKunst. Because what does that mean: space for art? After each episode, we offer a behind-the-scenes look via an in-depth article, this time: art in the depot.

QKunst’s role in … art in the depot

QKunst creates space for art in the everyday living environment, for example, in office buildings, healthcare facilities, at the train station or on the street. But a lot happens before art ends up in such a place. When a work of art comes into storage, we first do a condition check. The work is then inventoried in the QKunst collection management application. Once everything is in place, the collection’s intrinsic value is appraised. Starting from there, we put together a collection profile and a policy. The goal is always to make art visible to the public again.

From the depot to the hospital

An example of one such location where art has become visible to the public again is the Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis in Assen. This summer, 17 paintings from the Rabobank Assen and Noord-Drenthe art collection were given a new spot in the hospital. QKunst supervised these loans. Art is not only beautiful but also very useful in a healthcare facility. Mirjam Preusterink, member of the WZA art committee, says: ‘Research proves that art in the hospital promotes healing and enhances the job satisfaction of the staff.’ The WZA has its own art route, which leads visitors along all the works of art in the hospital.

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