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Space for art

… at the provincial house


Our video series #spaceforart is an introduction to the projects and to the community of QKunst. Because what does that actually mean: space for art? After each episode, we offer a behind-the-scenes look via an in-depth article, this time: art at the provincial house.

QKunst’s role in … art at the provincial house

Since 2011, QKunst has supported the Province of South Holland in all aspects of collection management: inventory, valuation, relocation, restoration, reframing and presentation, as well as digitally managing the collection and making the works accessible (online) through the collection management application.

In the latest video of the Space for Art series, Jackelien Top of QKunst speaks with Rik van der Burg, Project Leader for Art at the Province of South Holland, about the (re)placement of artworks in the renovated building: ‘It has been an invaluable experience, the soul of the provincial house is back.’

The Province of South Holland has an extraordinary art collection, that was built up from around 1950. The occasion for acquisition was often a new building or a renovation. The works of art are especially valuable to the province because they are either made by artists who live or work in the province or they were specially commissioned.

Netherlands Collection: belonging to all of us

Other provincial collections we worked for, such as Utrecht and Gelderland, also focus on artists with a connection to the area, either professionally or personally. This gives the collections a recognizable, distinctive regional profile.

Together they contribute to the high-quality ‘Netherlands Collection’, the collective movable heritage in museums, government buildings, public buildings and public spaces.

The Netherlands Collection belongs to all of us. Therefore, it is important that it is made accessible, physically and/or digitally. For example, the collection of the Province of Gelderland is accessible through the Gelderland Collection and the collection of the Province of South Holland is available through Art in the provincial house.

Haven’t seen the video with QKunst team member Jackelien Top about the collection of the province of South Holland yet? Watch it here!