Vrouwe Electra returns to Alliander


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Vrouwe Electra, also known as ‘Marietje’, was donated in 1965 to the Provinciale Gelderse Energiemaatschappij (PGEM) by the provincial energy company’s employees. For seven years, she stood outside the head office in Arnhem, until the renovation in 1972. After some detours, there was no longer room for her and she ended up in the front yard of one of the employees. After ‘Marietje’s saviour’ passed away, Vrouwe Electra returned to Alliander, in Duiven this time. Marietje was considered a symbol of women doing technical work.

QKunst supports organisations and businesses in managing en conserving their collection. The accompaniment and relocating of artworks, such as Vrouwe Electra, is a part of it. Kunstwacht moved and relocated the artwork, accompanied by QKunst team-member Mijke Rummens.


Vrouwe Electra returns to Alliander