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Around the opening there was plenty of attention for art in the North-South Line. De Volkskrant and NRC Handelsblad published extensive articles and there was also attention for art in Museumtijdschrift, DutchNews, De Standaard and Der Tagesspiegel. A number of quotes:

De Volkskrant: ‘Every passerby – on the way to the office, congress, house or lover – automatically becomes, for a few minutes or longer, an exhibition visitor, as an everyday routine. Exactly what you would like to happen in every museum.’

NRC: ‘No anonymous decoration that no one can take offense or be surprised about, but layered work where something can be discovered.’

De Standaard: ‘The municipality of Amsterdam calls the new North/South line an ‘underground museum’. That is not pr-speak for once: the art in the stations is a reason in itself to take the metro.’

Der Tagesspiegel: ‘The soberly functional stations designed by the renowned architecture firm Benthem Crouwel […] get their individual face through integrated art.’

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Art North-South Line in the media