QKunst 18!


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QKunst has turned 18, hurray!

Eight years ago, for our 10th anniversary, we collaborated with graphic designer Hansje van Halem. She designed the cover over 10 beautiful notebooks bearing our core values, and we gave them to our relations.

On the inside, we displayed works by young talents. The coming weeks, we share pictures of each notebook and the values that still define us on Instagram. Want to take a look?

The notebooks are now part of the collections of the Stedelijk Museum and the Design Museum and have become a collector’s item.

Image: Notebooks QKunst 10 years. Design: Hansje van Halem (2014)

Wikkel schriftjes. Ontwerp: Hansje van Halem (2014) | Wrap notebooks. Design: Hansje van Halem (2014)

QKunst 18!