New art plan for Achmea


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Insurance company Achmea possesses a high quality art collection, with an important part leading back to Achmea pioneer role in Alternative Workplace Strategies. In 2018, QKunst made an analysis of the collection to reorganise it in two key collections. QKunst-team member Mijke Rummens was in charge of the redesigning plan: placing back the selected artworks at five locations throughout the Netherlands. ‘A huge puzzel.’

‘We chose to arrange the art by theme to obtain more of structure’, says Mijke, who was worked on the plan and placing the art back accordingly from 2019 until the beginning of 2020. ‘Placing works together the right way can make a collection more wholesome and helps to tell a story. In Leeuwarden for instance we chose “Seasons” as a theme.’

Leeuwarden is famous for its 26 floor Achmea-tower, from where one has an amazing view of the city and its surroundings. Therefore, the starting point for the redesigning in Leeuwarden was this view and thus the Frisian landscapes throughout the seasons. ‘The selected artworks have a social value for Friesland’, Mijke says. ‘They are about the province or were made by Frisians artists. This helps to create a feeling of recognition throughout the building.’

Other themes are Nature & Man (Apeldoorn); History, World & Man (Zeist);
‘De Stijl’ & Interior (Leiden) and Innovation & Architecture (Tilburg). ‘When choosing the themes, we looked at the location, the surroundings and the function of the buildings, in order to make the best use of the works’, Mijke explains.

Redesigning meant a complete change of the artworks in all the buildings. ‘Logistically, this was quite a challenge as the artworks had to travel throughout the country and had to be placed back in buildings that are being used daily’, says Mijke. ‘But it did feel even more rewarding when an artwork turned out to fit perfectly in its new home. It was also thrilling to be able to place artworks that had been kept away in the depot for years and have people discover and enjoy them. And to regroup works by one artist that had until then be scattered around buildings or even locations.’

The redesigning is almost complete now, but for one location.

Image news page: artwork by Hugo Tieleman

Photo's by Fons Brasser | Photo: Mijke Rummens
Artwork by Ingrid Simons | Photo: Mijke Rummens
Artwork by Koen Delaere | Photo: Mijke Rummens

New art plan for Achmea