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The Technical University of Delft possesses a collection of modern and contemporary art, with at its core, works that are fixtures to the campus grounds. In the past year, QKunst has accompanied the TU Delft with making an inventory of the collection, formulating a policy focused on collection care and a long-term vision on activating and expanding it. Policy and vision were developed in close collaboration with students and employees responsible for academic heritage, facility management and real estate.

The TU wants to expand its art collection with high quality works that invite and challenge everyone to reflect on science and technology. There is room for artists that are familiar with commissioned work, but also for makers that want to develop these skills. In the coming months, functioning as a pilot, a work for the pond in the central part of the campus will be developed. It will touch issues regarding ecology and biodiversity and will also include a technical component, in which artists and students can find solutions together: the work must contribute to maintaining the quality of the water.

Team: Véronique Baar, inventory support & documentation Krista van der Bron and previously: Jet Vermaning

Water is schoon als er niet te veel voedingsstoffen en bacteriën in zitten die algen en kroos explosief laten groeien. /// The water is clean when there are not tot many nutriments that allow algae and duckweed to flourish.

Invite and challenge