QKunst 15: concept sketch for Helmond


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The first concept sketch for QKunst’s 15 year anniversary gift is in! Gino Bud Hoiting made a design for the 100 meters long wall at the backside of the Van Gend & Loos building in the ‘Spoorzone’ in Helmond (Southern Netherlands). He was inspired by the collections of the EDAH Museum (EDAH was a chain of supermarkets in the area) and the Draaiorgelmuseum (Barrel organ Museum) that will move into the building in 2020. All involved parties are so enthusiastic about the design that they are going to see if can be realised. That is why we are only showing a fragment of the design now.


QKunst 15 years: concept sketch for Helmond ready


Schetsontwerp Gino Bud Hoiting voor Spoorzone Helmond | Beeld: Gino Bud Hoiting