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Art, sports and play in Breda

QKunst guides the city council of Breda in the process of realising an artwork at the Talentencentrum (talent centre) that is being built bordering the Northern access route to Breda. Last year, the city council invited four artists to share their vision on art, sports and play at the talent centre. Based on these visions, [...]

Project Heden completed

Art loan and gallery Heden manages about 15.000 artworks. In recent years, QKunst supported Heden within taking inventory, valuing and sharpening the collection, using the QKunst collection management application. This project has now been completed and Heden has a good insight in its collection for organising exhibitions, as well as renting and selling works. News [...]

Opening provincial house

The province of South Holland has an art collection with a strong regional focus, that has been growing since 1950. In the past years, QKunst accompanied the province with the profile sharpening, valuing, restoration and disclosure of the collection. QKunst also helped the province organize a brand new depot. And, QKunst helped the province with [...]

10th exhibition at SIF Utrecht

On September 8th, the exhibition Oog voor je omgeving (Eyes for your surroundings) will open at the Social Impact Factory Utrecht. With this exhibit, we are celebrating. Indeed, SIF Utrecht opened five years ago and this is the tenth exhibition that QKunst is organizing this hotspot for social entrepreneurship. Also, Utrecht is celebrating 900 of [...]

Hengelo Collection values

Charles van Ark, Jan Baetsen, Theo Wolvecamp, Jan ten Voorde, Anne Wind and Evert Strobos: these are some of the artists whose work has been incorporated in the art collection of the municipality of Hengelo. The municipality wishes to better use the collection and make it more visible. To this end, the municipality asked QKunst [...]

Goodbye dear Mijke!

Our dear Mijke Rummens is leaving the QKunst nest after eleven great years! She is going to make art and culture accessible for new generations. A great role and how well she will do. Last Friday we said our goodbyes with a special team day. Melody gave us an art-based learning training at the current [...]

QKunst 18!

QKunst has turned 18, hurray! Eight years ago, for our 10th anniversary, we collaborated with graphic designer Hansje van Halem. She designed the cover over 10 beautiful notebooks bearing our core values, and we gave them to our relations. On the inside, we displayed works by young talents. The coming weeks, we share pictures of [...]

A new home

Part of QKunst’s services consists in finding new destinations for works that can no longer be displayed within the original collection. Searching for a fitting home takes time. There must be an intrinsic match, but also the possibility to sustainably manage and display a possible donation. Currently we are working on replacements at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, [...]

Invite and challenge

The Technical University of Delft possesses a collection of modern and contemporary art, with at its core, works that are fixtures to the campus grounds. In the past year, QKunst has accompanied the TU Delft with making an inventory of the collection, formulating a policy focused on collection care and a long-term vision on activating [...]

Collection highlights at the province of South-Holland

Over this year, the province of South-Holland will complete the renovation of the provincial house. The building is a conservation area and has been home to the State Hall, the Provincial Council, and the Provincial Executive for fifty years now. The renovation and redecoration, by OTH architects, focuses on sustainability and recycling. The art collection, [...]

Cycling ‘De Paris à Amsterdam’

In 1811, as Napoleon Bonaparte rode in a carriage from Paris to Amsterdam, he got annoyed by the muddy roads in the Netherlands and decided to build a paved road. The ‘Route Impériale 2’ or ‘De Paris à Amsterdam’ was completed in 1813, a four-meter large paved road with a line of trees running along [...]

Goodbye dear Jet!

There she goes… our dear Jet Vermaning! After ten good years at QKunst, she is moving on and we are saying our goodbyes to her. Jet has been very valuable for QKunst with her sharp analysis, knowledge, great level of involvement, her perfectionism, all the hard work (in sometimes rough circumstances) and let's not forget [...]

Restoration process at WUR

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) possesses an art collection housed in the different buildings on the campus. In the past year, QKunst supported the WUR with restoring, reframing and placing back the collection, that is now being managed in the collection management application designed by QKunst. Team member Melody Toering accompanied the restoration process of [...]

Artwork near A12 inaugurated

A sluice that seems to be lifted from the landscape. This new artwork by artist duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh (BE) can be seen on the slope that borders the A12. Placed on a strategic location near the cycling bridge and close to the exit of Laagraven and the intersection of Lunetten, the artwork draws the [...]

Room for art in Breda

New commissioned art is coming! The city council of Breda wants to realise an artwork adjoining or surrounding the Talentencentrum (talent centre) that is to be build. This artwork should reflect the activities going on inside the building and connect the centre and outskirts of the city. QKunst guides the council in this process. Several [...]

KPN depot at Boijmans now open

You can’t have missed it: Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen has recently been inaugurated. Boijman’s own collection is stored there now and can be viewed by visitors, but a number of private and corporate collections have also decided to make use of the well-built depot spaces. QKunst organized one of these spaces with the KPN corporate [...]

Podcast on Europaplein Station

Sometimes a special message pops up in your inbox. Such as the e-mail we got from the Southern Italian Maria Chiara Miccoli, a master student in Contemporary Art History at VU University in Amsterdam. Because the traditional educational trip abroad couldn’t be made due to Covid-travel restrictions, the students were given an alternative assignment: making [...]

Room for experience at SIF Utrecht

How do we experience the city and space around us? It's an issue that artists Thomas Klein Horsman and Marjolein Witte like to explore and that they translate into abstract works, now on view in the new exhibition at SIF Utrecht: Ruimte voor beleving (room for experience). Thomas experiences the city from his skateboard and [...]

Hurray, it’s the North-South line’s birthday!

The Amsterdam North-South metro Line was inaugurated in July 2018 by mayor Femke Halsema. The next day, Metro 52, with eight monumental art works was open to the public. At the inauguration, the (international) press talked about an ‘underground gesamtkunstwerk’ and an ‘underground museum’. In 2019, the project led by QKunst received a CODA Merit [...]

Vrouwe Electra returns to Alliander

Vrouwe Electra, also known as ‘Marietje', was donated in 1965 to the Provinciale Gelderse Energiemaatschappij (PGEM) by the provincial energy company's employees. For seven years, she stood outside the head office in Arnhem, until the renovation in 1972. After some detours, there was no longer room for her and she ended up in the front [...]

Keith Haring mural granted monument status

Some special news: the mural by Keith Haring at the Foodcenter in Amsterdam-West has been granted monument status. The Amsterdam commission of Heemschut, a heritage association, asked the municipality to declare the building and the mural to be a monument and succeeded. The building is a design by Nicolaas Lansdorp. The imposing construction is mainly [...]

Conference on public art

What is the current state of public art in the Netherlands? What do people working in the field encounter in their daily professional practice? What do commissions look like? Are there still many commissions and what problems do we encounter concerning the realisation of art in public space? These and many more questions will be [...]

New exhibition at SIF Utrecht

In the new exhibition at SIF Utrecht, ‘Van Mens tot mens’ (From Man to man), Elma Čavčić and Choi Wong show work depicting both discord and connection between people. The paintings, objects and collages have themes such as power, war, hope and a sense of community. In the open workspaces, paintings and ceramic objects by [...]

Publication Recollecting and Reallocation

In October the bilingual publication Recollecting and Reallocation/ Herzamelen en Herbestemmen was published. QKunst director Véronique Baar wrote an essay on deaccessioning corporate art collections, explaining how this process is different from deaccessioning museum collections. In this essay, Véronique introduces two tools that were developed by QKunst and that have become essential in our work: the [...]

Keith Haring mural restoration has started

The restoration of the mural by Keith Haring on the terrain of the Food Center in Amsterdam-West has started this week. An international team will be working for six weeks on what remains Haring’s one but biggest still existing work in public space in Europe. The American artist and activist Keith Haring (1958-1990) had his [...]

From concept sketch to mural

It’s finished! The mural designed by artist Gino Bud Hoiting for the rear side of the Loods 20-building in Helmond is completed. The mural displays references to two local museums that will soon move into the building. The realisation of the artwork is the final destination in a journey that started last year for the [...]

SIF Utrecht is open again

Yes! The Social Impact Factory has reopened. We can now every once in a while trade our home offices for our flexible workspace at the heart of Utrecht, where measures have been taken and changes have been made to make sure everyone can work safely. A new exhibition was recently put together at SIF Utrecht [...]

QKunst on social media

Just like everyone else, TeamQ is staying at home during the Covid19-crisis. Don’t let that fool you, we are still work, be it sitting at (improvised) desks. We finally have time for digital archiving and more of these chores that used to come last due to a lack of time. We adapt, but just like [...]

New exhibition at SIF Utrecht postponed

The digital world keeps growing, in social media use as well as Internet use and so does data storage. How do we deal with the use of social media? And what does the endless storing of data look like? On 18 March, an exhibition about these developments was to open at SIF Utrecht with work [...]

Commissioned art at the Utrecht Library

The Utrecht Central Library is moving from the Oudegracht to the former post office on the Neude-square this March. The monumental building on Utrecht’s most famous square will become the big cultural centre that the city was missing, a meeting place for all the city’s inhabitants. Five local artists have been commissioned to each make [...]

Restoration Keith Haring mural

The mural by Keith Haring at the Foodcenter in Amsterdam-West will be restored next year. In the past years, many have worked for the visibility and conservation of this special work. Haring painted the mythical animal in 1986, eight years later, it disappeared behind a metal façade. During the rediscovery in 2018 the wall painting [...]

Colourful exhibition at SIF Utrecht

The fifth exhibition curated by QKunst has opened at the Social Impact Factory Utrecht. This time works by three Utrecht-based illustrators are on display: Nick Liefhebber, Bobbi Oskam and Nik van Es surprise us with their colourful drawings and collages. A quick glance at Bobbi Oskam’s illustrations will instantly draw you straight into them. His [...]

QKunst 15: concept sketch for Helmond

The first concept sketch for QKunst's 15 year anniversary gift is in! Gino Bud Hoiting made a design for the 100 meters long wall at the backside of the Van Gend & Loos building in the ‘Spoorzone’ in Helmond (Southern Netherlands). He was inspired by the collections of the EDAH Museum (EDAH was a chain [...]

Artwork on tunnel Bunnik inaugurated

The municipality of Bunnik has a new piece of public art! Bart Lunenburg’s work in the tunnel near Vechten was inaugurated yesterday. The tunnel and the surrounding area needed to become cleaner, safer and more liveable, the artwork helps to achieve that. The Living Frontier makes the historical surroundings of the tunnel visible. On the [...]

QKunst 15 years: artist in Johannesburg

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary at QKunst this year and our treat is art. In one of the three winning locations, Long Street in Soweto, Johannesburg, artist Yasser Ballemans is starting a two-week residency today. He was chosen by this location’s very active and involved community among a selection of artists introduced by QKunst. [...]

QKunst 15 years: location Johannesburg

Do you remember? We are celebrating our 15th anniversary at QKunst this year and our treat is art. In March we announced to give away three concept sketches for a location of your choice. The coming months, we would like to tell you more about the three winning locations: the ‘Spoorzone’ in Helmond (Southern Netherlands); [...]

International award for North-South line

‘Our jurors were incredibly impressed with your explanation of the goals of the project, and the successful integration of the artwork into the space. In addition, the collaborative process between all of the parties involved is an outstanding achievement.’ We found these kind words in our mailbox upon our return from the summer holidays, announcing [...]

QKunst 15 years: artist for Helmond

Do you remember? We are celebrating our 15th anniversary at QKunst this year and our treat is art. In March we announced to give away three concept sketches for a location of your choice. The coming months, we would like to tell you more about the three winning locations: the ‘Spoorzone’ in Helmond (Southern Netherlands); [...]

Guest exhibition at SIF Utrecht

A small sample from the Kunstuitleen Utrecht (art rental) collection is currently on display at the Social Impact Factory Utrecht, for a guest exhibition: intimate portraits, Flemish beach guests and side characters in historical paintings. These artworks tell different stories about ‘men’ and herewith relate to the Global Goals of the Social Impact Factory. QKunst curates an [...]

QKunst 15 years: location Helmond

Do you remember? We are celebrating our 15th anniversary at QKunst this year and our treat is art. In March we announced to give away three concept sketches for a location of your choice. The coming months, we would like to tell you more about the three winning locations: the ‘Spoorzone’ in Helmond (Southern Netherlands); [...]

Cast your vote for the North-South line

Hurray! The jury panel of the 2019 CODAawards has placed the Amsterdam North-South subway line in the 2019 CODAawards Top 100! The internationally acclaimed CODAawards celebrate the projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces. With 435 projects from 27 countries submitted this year to the awards, the competition for [...]

Art in the North-South line: the book

Last July, Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema officially opened the North-South metro line. Today, a good 90.000 travellers use Metro 52 daily and see the artworks in the stations. There is now a book about the works: Verbeelding Onderweg. The first copy was presented to Arts & Culture Councillor Touria Meliani. Verbeelding Onderweg was written by [...]

New exhibition at SIF Utrecht

Dreamy images of birds combined with buildings, a cloud in a forest and a coloured bird in a grey world. The new exhibition curated by QKunst at Social Impact Factory Utrecht invites us into the worlds of Daniëlle Frenken and Studio Tweemaal. Daniëlle’s fascination for flora and fauna translates clearly in her sculptures and collages. [...]

QKunst 15 years!

Hurray! QKunst is 15 years old today! And that means we have something for you. No, not cake, but art! Indeed, what else? For our 10-year anniversary, we gave 10 artists a platform in the notebooks that we then distributed among our relations. Five years on, we are older and wiser and we want to [...]

Collection management Heden

After obtaining a grant via a plural private tender, QKunst started with a commission for Stichting Heden. Heden is an art library and a gallery that serves the corporate and the private market. Heden manages some 15.000 artworks. QKunst supports Heden within taking inventory, valuing and sharpening the collection, using the QKunst collection management application. [...]

Artist selected for work at Fort Vechten

Bart Lunenburg will make a final design for the artwork at the tunnel near Vechten. After a pop up exhibition at the Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten, where the designs by Kris Borgerink, Bart Lunenburg and Lenneke van der Goot were on display, the advisory commission chose Bart Lunenburg’s design. The artist will now further develop [...]

Rabo-art for everyone

“In February, an exhibition with ‘our’ works’ opened at the Museum voor Achterhoekse Schilderkunst. It was good to see the art being on view again.” We’re quoting Liesbeth Peters, Service Manager at Rabobank Noord- en Oost Achterhoek. QKunst worked on bringing more focus into the bank’s collection in the past year. The Rabobank Noord- en [...]

Exhibition by Noraly Roozendaal at SiF

When she works in her garden, Noraly Roozendaal (1993) is inspired by everything around her. She allows herself to be surprised by coincidences and looks at the plants and vegetables in her garden and around it in a different way. That is how she started seeing the estranging beauty of overgrown vegetables, something you don’t [...]

Restaurateur aan het werk

Province of South Holland restores art

Twelve works from the art collection of the Province of South Holland were recently restored by Atelier Welther. The restoration took place in view of the upcoming renovation of the provincial house, where a number of works can be placed once it’s finished. QKunst team member Jet Vermaning tells us more: ‘The province has an [...]

First artist selection for artwork A12

Zoro Feigl, Hansje van Halem and the duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. These celebrated makers will be working on concepts for an artwork on the A12 the coming months. The work that will arise near Laagraven will mark an area with a history that up until now was enclosed in the landscape, that of the ‘Nieuwe [...]

Corporate art collections on the move

For companies and organisations, art loans and donations are good ways to ensure collection mobility. They create greater exposure for the works and their makers. At the end of this year, an exhibition consisting entirely of works on loan from corporate collections will open at Singer Laren museum. In ‘Out of Office. Art treasures from [...]

‘Master Talk’ by David Claerbout

Anyone who regularly travels on the Amsterdam metro line will by now know the work of artist David Claerbout. In his ‘Weather Engine’, a monumental digital artwork above Amsterdam Central Station’s metro hall, one can see a representation of the weather forecast of the following day. Later this week, during the Amsterdam Art Weekend and [...]

Exhibition Broersen & Lukács at Foam

For Noorderpark Station, one of the stops on the brand new Amsterdam North-South metro line, artist duo Broersen & Lukács created the artwork ‘De Poorten van Noord’ (‘Northern Gates’). This week, the duo’s first big museum exhibition will be opening at Foam, as part of the exhibition series ‘Next Level’. Persijn Broersen (Delft, 1974) and [...]

‘Strangers’ in De Pijp Station

This summer, Amterdam’s brand new mayor, Femke Halsema, opened the North-South metro line. Now some 73.000 travellers use the metro almost daily and enjoy its special art collection. Indeed, the North-South Line is a unique underground museum open to anyone with an ‘ov-chipcard’ (travel card). On Thursday 15th November, the last artwork of the collection [...]

Successful auction at Alliander

Recently, energy network company Alliander organised an online auction of artworks that no longer fitted in the organisation’s art collection. Current and former employees were given the possibility to bid for the artworks. They jumped to the opportunity: 170 works were sold. On October 5th, at the Leeuwarden-office, QKunst-team member Mijke Rummens was standing ready [...]

Eva Spierenburg wins K.F. Hein Fund Prize

‘An exciting research proposal that does not shy away from tough questions’, that was the KF Hein Fund Prize 2018 jury’s assessment on artist Eva Spierenburg’s proposal, who received the prize on Thursday 20th September at the Central Museum in Utrecht. The K.F. Hein Fund Prize consists of € 20.000 and an exhibition at Central [...]

Art North-South Line in the media

Around the opening there was plenty of attention for art in the North-South Line. De Volkskrant and NRC Handelsblad published extensive articles and there was also attention for art in Museumtijdschrift, DutchNews, De Standaard and Der Tagesspiegel. A number of quotes: De Volkskrant: 'Every passerby - on the way to the office, congress, house or [...]

The North-South Line is open!

We are still enjoying the recent opening of the North/South line! Last Saturday morning the new metro line was officially opened with a speech by the new mayor Femke Halsema. The official opening, attended by 1200 people, was broadcast live by AT5 and NPO 1.  From 2 o’clock on everyone could take a free ride. [...]

Opening exhibition at SiF Utrecht

On July 12th, Social Impact Factory (SiF) Utrecht will open an exhibition with works by Britt Dorenbosch and Kim van Erven. It is the first exhibition that QKunst, one of the users of the building, organizes as a ‘social return’. For the exhibitions we select artists connected to Utrecht. In addition, we seek to connect [...]

Véronique Baar manager project art A12

In the period 2020-2026 the highways A12 and A27 around the junction Lunetten in Utrecht will be broadened. In this area there are various elements of the ‘Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie’ (New Dutch Water Line). Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for saving and restoring elements of this heritage, which might receive UNESCO World Heritage status by 2020. In [...]

QKunst on K.F. Hein Fund art committee

Véronique Baar started her function as a member of the art committee of the K.F. Hein Fonds in June 2018. The K.F. Hein Fonds focuses on promoting monument conservation, nature conservation, culture and popular development, performing arts, public health and social work. The Fund supports initiatives in the Province of Utrecht and provides donations and guarantees. [...]

North-South line opening on July 21st

Finally the time has come for the North-South line to ride! On July 21st, the new Amsterdam metro line will be officially opened and everyone can get a free ride between 2 pm and 9 pm. Mind you, you need to register. There will be music and theater, but also a chess tournament and a [...]

Guided art tours North-South line

Would you like to know more about the art during your visit of the metro stations? Flyers with background information will be available in alle stations during the opening. On July 21st, from 2.15 pm onwards, you will be able to take part in free guided tours of the artworks. And as of September, you [...]

Archeological discoveries on display

During the drilling for the North-South Line a great number of archeological discoveries were made. Part of these were integrated in two installation in Rokin Station. You can read more about this on the website belowthesurface. Recently, the image-atlas Stuff was published, showing 15.000 discoveries. The related exhibition Amsterdams Spul (Amsterdam Stuff) is currently on [...]

Publication about artwork Europaplein

Artist Gerald van der Kaap made work for Europaplein Station. He was asked to design an artwork with Europe as a central theme. The recently published booklet I want a permanent wave (in English) gives insight in the ideas behind the work. A publication about all the artworks for the North-South line is in the works. [...]

Artwork Europaplein almost completed

‘Beautiful. This shows what can be achieved with art to turn a metro line and its stations into liveable areas.’ ‘Slowly but surely it all becomes clear: we will have the most beautiful metro line in Europe.’ Just a few of the reactions on the website of the Metro & Tram Service about the North-South [...]

Art advice to local Rabobanks

From Assen to Bocholtz and from Middelharnis to Zutphen. For Rabobank, team Q is all over the country. Just recently, we tasted a well-deserved ‘Zundertse trappist’, a local brew from Van Gogh’s native village, after doing an inventory there. Since 2012, QKunst is preferred partner of the Rabobank art department for art-related advice to local [...]

A new way to visit Paris

If you think you know Paris and you’re looking for a new travel experience, or if you would like to see something else than the usual tourist hotspots, stop right there! QKunst team member Nanda Janssen is a curator and writer based in Paris. She recently started organising special guided tours: Paris Insolite – discovering [...]

Internship at the Province of Gelderland

In a commitment to social return, QKunst is going to accompany five interns during a collection registration internship at the Province of Gelderland this April. QKunst team member Imee Luteijn, who works as an art consultant the Province of Gelderland, will be accompanying the interns at the Provincial House in Arnhem. ‘The collection consists of [...]

Room for art at new BPD headquarters

At the beginning of this year, Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD) moved into new headquarters: the Burgerweeshuis, a former orphanage in Amsterdam. Arts and culture will play a major part in this monumental building – designed by Architect Aldo van Eyck. ‘Of course, we have art from our collection all over the building’, says Caroline Coffrie, [...]

Beeldenmagazine about Molijn statue

This summer, the statue that artist Nicolas Dings made of industrial entrepreneur and benefactor was presented to the public at cultural centre Veluvine in Nunspeet. The statue did not remain unnoticed, judging from this article in Beeldenmagazine. Dings made the work on commission by the Van den Broek Lohman Fund Nunspeet, that herewith wanted to [...]

QKunst at Art Meat Utrecht event

An event where artists, art historians, art students, journalists, policy makers, curators and others involved in the fine arts scene in Utrecht can inform and inspire each other, that's what Art Meat is, initiated by the Art Utrecht foundation. On Thursday 1 February, the 5th edition of this network event will take place, this time [...]

Art and the zoo of The Hague

Between 1862 en 1968, right where the provincial house of the Province of South Holland now stands, there used to be a zoo. It did not only have animals, but all sorts of events were organised there as well. This week the exhibition Art and the zoo of The Hague is opening in the provincial [...]

Artwork Noorderpark Station completed

After the very busy open day of the North South Line on January 20th, the next milestone lies ahead: the fourth North South Line artwork, at Noorderpark Station, is ready. On Thursday 15 February, in the presence of artists Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen, the work will be revealed to a select public. The so-called [...]

Open day North-South Line great success

After years of work, the end of a big QKunst-project is in sight: art for the North South Line. The metro will start riding in July 2018 and the coming months are much needed to finish the stations and the artworks. However, you were recently able to take a look behind the scenes. Indeed, on [...]

Artwork Jennifer Tee revealed

It took hard work and patience, but now we can finally see it: Jennifer Tee’s artwork for the metro hall of Amsterdam Central Station. On Friday 15 December, Jennifer Tee’s impressive Tulip Palepai was revealed to the press and stakeholders, and simultaneously, to the general public, since this location is already in use. It will [...]

Getting to know SIF members

Too crooked, too fat, to short… About 10 per cent of vegetables and fruit in The Netherlands are wasted because of their ‘looks’ or due to overproduction. Kromkommer brings these crooked vegetables back in our plates. This company is one of the social enterprises that moved into the Social Impact Factory (SIF), where QKunst has [...]

Article 1 at the Province of South Holland

During a lively meeting with the Provincial State members and employees of the Province of South Holland, QKunst explored the possibilities for visualising the first article of the constitution at the provincial house in The Hague. This way, the province wants to increase consciousness about the meaning of Article 1. The Provincial Executive suggests to [...]

Véronique Baar meets UU students

Many art history students are interested in entrepreneurship and actually end up in it after their studies. That’s why Utrecht University organised the meeting ARTrepreneurship on November 30th, about entrepreneurship in arts, culture and media. Students and recent graduates that have become or want to become an entrepreneur were able to speak to and listen [...]

New branding for QKunst

We proudly present our new company branding, developed by Trapped in Suburbia. It includes a new website, business cards and beautiful printed portfolio’s, introducing different projects we worked on. We will now also be sending a newsletter, not more then four per year, to inform you about what we are working on. For daily news [...]

Room for art

Have you seen our moving banner yet, on our homepage? We would like to thank everyone who contribute to it: director Dennis Lubbers, direction assistant Leonardo Cariglino, producer Mijke Rummens, and of course the supporting actors: Eric Cornet, Maud Cornet, Deborah Misky, Tim van Dorp, Young-Kon Lambeck, Herman van Eenbergen, Tineke Rummens, Nina Onland, Eric [...]

Publication in ‘Boekman Tijdschrift’

More and more, railway stations tend to develop into a ‘third place’, a place you can go to even when you don’t need to travel. What is art’s role, traditionally a partner of the railways, in this development? Ella Derksen and Véronique Baar answered this question for Boekman Tijdschrift, a quarterly magazine about trends and [...]

Interview in ‘Het Parool’

One by one, the artworks in the stations of the North-South line are reaching their completion. On 23 March 2017, it was Rokin Station’s turn. During a well-visited preview, one could come and admire the work by British-French art duo Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel. Prior to the event, Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool published an [...]

Documentary about Jennifer Tee

Jennifer Tee (1973) is one of the selected artists for the North-South line. She was commissioned to create an actual imaged story for the entrance hall of the central station. Director Lisa Boerstra made a documentary about Tee and follows her while she completes her artwork. The documentary Leaving Limbo shows Jennifer Tee’s search for [...]