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Artwork Jennifer Tee revealed


It took hard work and patience, but now we can finally see it: Jennifer Tee’s artwork for the metro hall of Amsterdam Central Station. On Friday 15 December, Jennifer Tee’s impressive Tulip Palepai will be revealed to the press and stakeholders, and simultaneously, to the general public, since this location is already in use. It will therefore be the first artwork to be visible before the official opening of the North South Line, on 22 July 2018. Want to know more about this work? Watch the documentary Leaving Limbo by Lisa Boerstra, about the creative process that led to this piece of art.


Soon the fences will make room for art. Photography: Gé Dubbeldam.

Article 1 at the Province of South Holland


During a lively meeting with the Provincial State members and employees of the Province of South Holland, QKunst explored the possibilities for visualising the first article of the constitution at the provincial house in The Hague. This way, the province wants to increase consciousness about the meaning of Article 1. The Provincial Executive suggests to write out a contest and to connect the realisation of the artwork to the opening of the renovated government building. This route was explored in the first meeting. QKunst accompanies the province with the layout of this process.


The Article 1 bench on the Hof square in The Hague.

Getting to know SIF members


Too crooked, too fat, to short… About 10 per cent of vegetables and fruit in The Netherlands are wasted because of their ‘looks’ or due to overproduction. Kromkommer brings these crooked vegetables back in our plates. This company is one of the social enterprises that moved into the Social Impact Factory (SIF), where QKunst has an office day every Wednesday.


In October, team member Steven de Haas organised a special meet up for SIF members. The Life Goals Foundation, one of the first organisations to set foot in SIF, was one of the participants. Life Goals helps vulnerable people return to society through sports. Illustrator Michelle de Gruijter was there and drew live portraits of everyone in the room. In the new year, QKunst will make its own social impact contribution through art. More about this in our next newsletter.


SIF is housed in the former Staffhorst building. Photography: SIF.

Open day North South Line


After years of work, the end of a big QKunst-project is in sight: art for the North South Line. The metro will start riding in July 2018 and the coming months are much needed to finish the stations and the artworks. However, you will soon be able to take a look behind the scenes. Indeed, on Saturday 20 January 2018, Metro & Tram is organising an open day. You will be able to visit six of the eight stations: Noorderpark, Centraal Station, Rokin, Vijzelgracht, De Pijp and Europaplein.


The open day is first and foremost a ‘building site visit’, but with a sneak peek of the art that will soon be accessible with your ov-chipcard. Don’t miss this opportunity! You need to register for your visit on


Take a look behind the scenes of the North South Line. Photography: Wiep van Apeldoorn.

Véronique Baar meets up with UU students


Many art history students are interested in entrepreneurship and actually end up in it after their studies. That’s why Utrecht University organised the meeting ARTrepreneurship on November 30th, about entrepreneurship in arts, culture and media. Students and recent graduates that have become or want to become an entrepreneur were able to speak to and listen to alumni that have been working as art-entrepreneurs for a while now. Véronique Baar was one of the invited expert-entrepreneurs.

New branding for QKunst


We proudly present our new company branding, developed by Trapped in Suburbia. It includes a new website, business cards and beautiful printed portfolio’s, introducing different projects we worked on. We will now also be sending a newsletter, not more then four per year, to inform you about what we are working on. For daily news and inspiration, you can of course follow us on social media. On Wednesday, we have our office in Utrecht.

Room for art


Have you seen our moving banner yet, on our homepage? We would like to thank everyone who contribute to it: director Dennis Lubbers, direction assistant Leonardo Cariglino, producer Mijke Rummens, and of course the supporting actors: Eric Cornet, Maud Cornet, Deborah Misky, Tim van Dorp, Young-Kon Lambeck, Herman van Eenbergen, Tineke Rummens, Nina Onland, Eric van Engelen and last but not least, skaters Finn, Mas and Valentijn.

Publication in ‘Boekman Tijdschrift’


More and more, railway stations tend to develop into a ‘third place’, a place you can go to even when you don’t need to travel. What is art’s role, traditionally a partner of the railways, in this development? Ella Derksen and Véronique Baar answered this question for Boekman Tijdschrift, a quarterly magazine about trends and structural changes in culture and cultural policy. The essay was published in the June 2017 edition, themed ‘Art and the public space’.

Interview in ‘Het Parool’


One by one, the artworks in the stations of the North-South line are reaching their completion. On 23 March 2017, it was Rokin Station’s turn. During a well-visited preview, one could come and admire the work by British-French art duo Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel. Prior to the event, Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool published an interview with Véronique Baar, about the art for the North-South line and the artwork by Dewar en Gicquel.

Documentary about Jennifer Tee


Jennifer Tee (1973) is one of the selected artists for the North-South line. She was commissioned to create an actual imaged story for the entrance hall of the central station. Director Lisa Boerstra made a documentary about Tee and follows her while she completes her artwork. The documentary Leaving Limbo shows Jennifer Tee’s search for identity and connection. At the same time, it shows how art and reality cross and influence each other.