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New branding for QKunst


We proudly present our new company branding, developed by Trapped in Suburbia. It includes a new website, business cards and beautiful printed portfolio’s, introducing different projects we worked on. We will now also be sending a newsletter, not more then four per year, to inform you about what we are working on. For daily news and inspiration, you can of course follow us on social media. On Wednesday, we have our office in Utrecht.

Room for art


Have you seen our moving banner yet, on our homepage? We would like to thank everyone who contribute to it: director Dennis Lubbers, direction assistant Leonardo Cariglino, producer Mijke Rummens, and of course the supporting actors: Eric Cornet, Maud Cornet, Deborah Misky, Tim van Dorp, Young-Kon Lambeck, Herman van Eenbergen, Tineke Rummens, Nina Onland, Eric van Engelen and last but not least, skaters Finn, Mas and Valentijn.

Opening of the Provincial House of Gelderland


The monumental Provincial House of Gelderland has been fully restored. King Willem-Alexander performed the official opening of the house on September 20th. Between September 21st en 29th, a number of tours will be organised. One of them is the Art tour, during which visitors can discover the art collection of the province of Gelderland, for which QKunst team member Imee Luteijn is working as an art consultant. Don’t forget to register for the tour. Registration is not necessary during the Open House on September 30th.

Véronique Baar in jury SBK SPROUTS Awards


From September 28th until October 8th, SBK Art Rental & Gallery organises Sprouts Young Talents 2017, an exhibition showing work from 50 upcoming talents, a selection of the best graduates of the Dutch art academies. During the exhibit, two new art prizes will be launched, the SBK Sprouts Young Talent Award and the SBK Otto Hetterscheid Stimuleringsprijs. The winner of the SPROUTS Award 2017 is chosen by the artistic team of SBK and an external jury composed of Véronique Baar (QKunst) and Niels Post (Trendbeheer).

Lecture about Art for the North-South line at KABK


As part of a series of lectures on ‘Political landscapes’ at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague (KABK), Véronique Baar (QKunst) and Onno van den Muysenberg (Metro & Tram), will give a keynote lecture on Tuesday October 3d, about the project Art for the North-South line. They will discuss the aspects that came into consideration during the artist selection and the realisation of the artworks. They will also further explore the theme of art in the public space related to the lectures’ overall theme, Political landscapes.

VBCN to visit Provincial House of Gelderland


A special meeting will be organised on Wednesday 4 October at the Provincial House of Gelderland for the members of the Dutch Association of Corporate Collections (VBCN), of which the province is also a member. Participants will be introduced to the art collection of the province of Gelderland, for which QKunst team member Imee Luteijn is working as an art consultant. Beside a pertinent programme about deaccessioning, participants will also visit VBCN-member Rijnstate and the private Collection De Groen.

Publication in ‘Boekman Tijdschrift’


More and more, railway stations tend to develop into a ‘third place’, a place you can go to even when you don’t need to travel. What is art’s role, traditionally a partner of the railways, in this development? Ella Derksen and Véronique Baar answered this question for Boekman Tijdschrift, a quarterly magazine about trends and structural changes in culture and cultural policy. The essay was published in the June 2017 edition, themed ‘Art and the public space’.

Interview in ‘Het Parool’


One by one, the artworks in the stations of the North-South line are reaching their completion. On 23 March 2017, it was Rokin Station’s turn. During a well-visited preview, one could come and admire the work by British-French art duo Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel. Prior to the event, Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool published an interview with Véronique Baar, about the art for the North-South line and the artwork by Dewar en Gicquel.

Documentary about Jennifer Tee


Jennifer Tee (1973) is one of the selected artists for the North-South line. She was commissioned to create an actual imaged story for the entrance hall of the central station. Director Lisa Boerstra made a documentary about Tee and follows her while she completes her artwork. The documentary Leaving Limbo shows Jennifer Tee’s search for identity and connection. At the same time, it shows how art and reality cross and influence each other.