• Collection Management

About Collection Management

QKunst pursues collection management based on an inventory and an analysis of the existing collection, using the QKunst collection management application. In doing so, we keep in mind all the values carried by a collection – think of artistic value and financial value for instance, but also relational value. We set down these values in a specifically designed model: “Visualised Value”.


Sometimes we take the whole collection management off your hands, sometimes just part of it – for instance advice on developing and realising a storage space, accompanying a restoration process or a series of acquisitions, or redecorating a building with art.


Professional collection management not only encompasses formulating policy, taking inventory, managing and presenting art, but also collecting and deaccessioning in order to create collection mobility. Deaccessioning is one of our specialties. Indeed, we successfully placed back works at museums for several clients. Are you interested in the value(s) of your collection? Please contact us.


Energy network company Alliander manages an art collection that is closely intertwined with the organisation’s history. After an inventory of the collection, together with Alliander, QKunst explored the mutual reinforcement of art and organisation. This led to a special decorating concept developed by design agency Trapped in Suburbia. The connection between past and present as well as between interior and exterior is key.


The sustainable reuse of the art links up with the concept of circularity according to which Alliander and COARE Architecture took on all the renovations of Alliander. Since the completion of all the 13 locations, QKunst supports Alliander with the management and preservation of the collection using the QKunst collection management application.

Relocated artworks from Alliander’s existing collection | Photo: Mijke Rummens
Local Rabobanks

QKunst is preferred partner of the Rabobank for art-related advice to local banks. The advice can relate to art acquisition or to ordering commissioned art, to selecting or deaccessioning art, to storing externally or redecorating buildings with works from the local collections.


After taking inventory of the collection and accompanying the execution of the custom advice, the collection remains digitally available for the service managers through a question module. If needed, QKunst makes a yearly control round to check on the artworks.

Artwork by Rosemin Hendriks at Rabobank Schiphol Area | Photo: Mijke Rummens
Province of South Holland

The Province of South Holland has an art collection with a strong regional focus. QKunst accompanies the province with the development of placement plans, gives advice on storage, taxation, restoration, and disclosure of the collection, and on the organisation of exhibitions.


QKunst also helps the province in bring focus into the collection profile and deaccessioning artworks that no longer fit in, all according to the ‘Netherlands guidelines for deaccessioning of museum objects’ (LAMO) and the Heritage law. QKunst works closely together with the internal provincial art commission.

Integrated artwork by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar from the collection of the province of South-Holland | Photo: Mijke Rummens